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Arielle’s Story

I had a chemical pregnancy in October 2017. It was my first pregnancy and unplanned, but we were very excited. That excitement did not last long as the pregnancy ended quickly. However, we tried that same cycle, and I got pregnant with my daughter. She is now 2. I had a relatively uneventful, full term

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A Letter to Rosary

Say goodbye to our little angel Name: Maria-Rosary Nguyen Dated: Aug 14, 2020 (just 18w5d ) Our baby, our little angel, you come here very lightly and quietly, then you have gone very quickly. It is really sad and big suffering for all of your loved ones. We don’t understand the reason why, and we

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Tiana’s Story

My name is Tiana Jordan and this is my story: On May 12, 2020 I went to the Emergency Room because for the last week I had noticed that my legs, feet, and thighs would swell every single day and I wanted to know what was happening to me. When I got back to a

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Perfectly Posh for Charity Fundraiser!

Looking for a way to support TTH while pampering yourself or someone else? TTH co-founder Karen Kelly is now holding an ongoing fundraiser – half of ALL of her proceeds will go to TTH! You can shop at any time in any open party and a percent will automatically be donated. Click here to shop!

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Angelica’s Story

A letter to our little Angel Baez Dear Angel, This has been a very emotional month for me. Since I got pregnant with you, my first little one in March 2020, when I found out that you exist I did not know if I had to cry or smile. I was scared and stressed out

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Maggie’s Story

My story is I was pregnant with twin girls whose names were Delany and Willow. This was my first pregnancy and when I became pregnant I was so happy and then when I found out it was twin girls I was even more in shock. My boyfriend (who is now my ex) was so happy

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