Wandering Angel Project

What is the Wandering Angel Project?

The Wandering Angel Project is a program offered by Through the Heart to honor all of the babies lost during pregnancy or shortly after birth. The goal is to spread positivity in their memory through an angel that brings love, strength, peace, and protection. Angels can be kept by the founder or passed on to someone else.

The WAP was launched on June 24, 2023, which is the 10-year anniversary of Adeline Kelly’s due date. Adeline is the daughter of TTH founders Sean & Karen Kelly and the inspiration for the organization. The couple said goodbye to their daughter on February 6, 2013, at just past 20 weeks into their pregnancy. To honor Adeline, the initial angels that were distributed were in her memory; current angels also honor other loved ones gone too soon.

How do I get an angel?

Currently, there are 3 main ways to obtain a wandering angel:

First, one is included in each of our Comfort Kits to send love, strength, peace, and protection to the recipient in the wake of their pregnancy loss.

Second, you can find one! Angels are scattered around the country and can be just about anywhere – on a park bench, at a baseball game, in a tree, on a shelf at a store, or anywhere else someone might randomly decide to place one.

Third, you can request a package to be mailed to you. Each package includes 5 angels – one for you to keep, and four more to share with others. When you make your request, you have the option to personalize the cards with the name of a loved one you would like to remember. (Please note: personalization is available up to 20 characters and will take longer to ship due to the time needed to create the cards)

Although this program was started to remember babies lost during pregnancy, it has grown to include anyone that is no longer here on earth. Please feel free to honor a family member, friend, or anyone else meaningful to you.

We’d love to to see where your angel has traveled!

If you have received a wandering angel, we’d love to know! You can share a photo and your location in our Wandering Angel Project Facebook group, on our Instagram account, or by sending an email to info@throughtheheart.org