Ashley’s Story

FB avatarHi my name is Ashley. Let me share my story with you. Let me start by saying I have P.C.O.S and I lost 35 pounds and found out I was pregnant in May. I did not know for two months that I was pregnant so by the time I found out I was 3 months and I was having spotting and bleeding. I called ten million and one ob/gyn offices where I live but they were all booked up to July and August. Needless to say no one would help me.

Everyone kept telling me I was 13 weeks. Well come to find out I gave birth to a stillborn baby girl. I was 5 months pregnant. I was 31 hours into labor and the hospital would not keep me. They said it was cramps and sent me home to have my baby. I had her all natural on my own at home on my bathroom floor – a mother’s worst nightmare. Thanks for your time it would be great to get some feedback because sometimes I don’t know how to cope or deal.I named my baby Callie Lynn Elizabeth.

-Ashley Barker
Published 9/21/15


  1. I lost my son right around the same time, due to pre-term labor. My doctors also ignored my worries for 4 weeks leading up to the birth. Everything was dismissed as first-time mother worries. I’m so sorry you went through that with Callie. <3

  2. Ashley,
    I am so so so sorry you were treated that way and did not have support during Callie’s delivery. The MOST important thing you need to do right now is take care of yourself! Grief is a very hard thing to weave thru, BUT you WILL make it on the other side. Sometimes it helps to journal, make a craft in Callie’s memory, write her a letter or release balloons. The other thing is to TALK to someone…anyone. Whether it be a best friend or a support group. Most importantly take time for yourself. Make sure you are eating and sleeping. Sometimes you even have to remind yourself to breathe. You will get thru this. Take it DAY BY DAY…sometimes minute by minute. If you need someone to talk to email me Hugs to you, my dear!

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