A Letter to Rosary

Say goodbye to our little angel

Name: Maria-Rosary Nguyen

Dated: Aug 14, 2020 (just 18w5d )

Our baby, our little angel, you come here very lightly and quietly, then you have gone very quickly. It is really sad and big suffering for all of your loved ones.

We don’t understand the reason why, and we always wonder why God did work like that? Because we believed that you had been here with us as a special gift from him.

We love you before we know you, our baby.

We don’t know what we will do to get over this now, except to keep trusting in God faithfully.

There were a lot of tears and prayers. Only hope that you shall be healthier and happier in the new world.

Be safe by God and Virgin Mary, and by the Holy Spirit.

Good sleep in heaven – God bless you, our little baby.

We always love you so much.

Your dad and mom,
Vincent Nguyen & Duyen Bui
New Mexico