Caytilyn’s Story

CaytilynI miscarried on May 30, it started at about 7 p.m . My fiancee took me to the hospital once I started spotting. They had me wait 2 hours in the waiting room, then they took me back into a dark, previously used room & left me there.

After about 30 minutes I started to bleed heavily so my fiancee rushed to go get the nurse. The nurse took me back into a room. They tried to do a pelvic exam, then they put me in a different room & gave me Fentinyl. That didn’t do anything but make me sick. Then after an hour they gave me Nubain, that also made me sick & didn’t help much.

They didn’t have a birthing center or ob/gyn there so they were planning on transferring me until an ob/gyn showed up. He said I was fully dilated & to put me up in surgery. They ran a heart monitor & ultrasound for the baby but there was nothing but silence. She was ready to be delivered. They gave me some more medicine. I started to puke then I felt her head come out. They then rushed me into the room where I delivered her, then they put me to sleep for a D&C.

Lamberville, MI
Published 2/8/16

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