Honoring Your Child

4. Create a memory box

When suffering a miscarriage or other type of pregnancy loss, there is often no opportunity to say goodbye to your child. By creating a memory box, you will have the chance to build a memorial to your child.

5. Make a donation to Through the Heart

While there is nothing that can bring your child back, making a donation on behalf of your child means his or her impact is felt for years to come. It may help to know that your child was instrumental in providing support for others suffering a pregnancy loss and helping to bring increased awareness to the issue. At the time of your donation, you will have the option of leaving a dedication in memory of your child that will be shared in our monthly donor email.

Of course, there is no right or wrong way to memorialize, and it’s important to do whatever feels right for YOU. Mourning and remembering is a very individual process and each couple must do what feels right in their hearts.