Hope Again Collective by Lauren

Miscarriages and pregnancy loss bring out a lot of emotions in a person that often make it hard to express to others what exactly they are going through. For me, I first mourned the dreams I had for my family with that baby included, the experiences we would go through as new parents, and the picture I had created in my head of what our life would look like. I mourned the fact that I wasn’t pregnant anymore but didn’t have a cute little baby to show for it. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the fact that it just happened – quick as can be. In a split second it was all over, and I felt like I was still grasping for the rope to pull me out of the nightmare I was in.

After my second miscarriage I still mourned the same things – the hopes, the dreams, the experiences, and the picture I created once again but I also started to focus on the pain I was feeling being part of this horrible group. I felt like my body was so broken and it made me angry that so many women and couples knew exactly what I felt and had been in that exact place before. It made me sad to think that I will always know what it feels like when someone posts about their miscarriage. It made me sad to think that I will always have to fill out the section of the medical papers that ask how many miscarriages I’ve had. It made me sad to know that I will always have to wonder why this happened – why me?

In all this grief and sadness, I kept searching for a way to find the smallest bit of hope to help me move forward. I started to look at social media sites that had posts that could explain my emotions better than I could. While on this search I found a post on an Instagram account called Hope Again Collective. Her words were so perfect. They put my emotions in writing better than I could ever explain. After looking into this account more I found that she too is a loss mom who wanted to make a difference for other loss moms. I found that she makes personalized earrings and other jewelry items that provide grief resources for a grieving loss mom. I felt connected to these stories, to this cause and I had to know more.

After looking at her site for months I finally decided to make a purchase – the perfect item for me. The Hold Hope Ring. I felt that finding hope in the smallest places is what helped me move forward from my losses and continues to help me. I knew that wearing this ring every day would not only remind me of the path that I have been on, but it will remind me to push through every day – even when it’s a rough one. I have since added to my purchases and paired my beautiful ring with the Hope Studs. I love knowing that there are small businesses like Through the Heart and Hope Again Collective that are here for grieving families when they feel that there is no one.

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