Martha’s Story

Martha KI was looking how to recover after a miscarriage. My baby passed away after they found no heartbeat. Mine was a silent miscarriage at 11 weeks. I heard his/her heartbeat at 8 weeks with my husband. We were so excited to give our 3 year old a brother or sister.

On Friday, October 16, 2015, I went for a checkup as I saw some little spotting but I thought everything would be fine as the same happened to my first and I did not have any pain. I went by myself for the “check up” and I left in shock, my emotions have been a roller coaster since I knew, writing and sharing to closest family and friends helps me.

Since I got the news on a Friday I had to wait until Monday for a second opinion to be sure. The second opinion confirmed the worst. What is the hardest is that my body did not let the baby go, after a week I was still waiting for my D&C. My doctor said the insurance needs to authorize…and usually it takes this long. It seems a very cold process for such a painful event. I wish each doctor’s office had also a comfort department that could cry with you and listen. I had to tell my boss at work and let him know that I am waiting, so I have been going to work but my boss knows I can leave for an emergency anytime.

I never thought it would happen to me but now that it has I feel the need to talk about it and be empathetic to other women that has suffered this loss. My husband and I found strength in God, I felt He carries me…sometimes I feel like floating during my workday. I also made a poem for my little angel.

I am grieving my little one and even if God does not allow more babies to successfully come to World through me, the little time my baby was alive in me made me feel blessed, it also made realize how fragile and precious we all are. Please keep me in your thoughts, I just ask for strength.

-Martha K.
Temple City, CA
Published 12/14/15

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  1. What a beautiful story. If other people read it I know it will help. I say people because I know it hurts others as well. Praying for you#!

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