Meeting etiquette & technical set up

Opening up about loss can be difficult, scary, and emotional. Our number one goal is to create an environment where all participants feel comfortable sharing so they can achieve an experience that is beneficial to their well-being.

Therefore, we ask the following:

-Please be respectful of all others and their stories and beliefs.

-Please do not pass judgment.

-Please do not share information spoken about in the group out of respect for everyone’s privacy.

-Please listen to one another and give everyone an opportunity to share.

As a reminder, this is a peer-led support group and anything shared is not considered medical advice. The session will be recorded but used for internal purposes only. The video, and its content, will never be shared outside of the organization without consent.

How to access online meetings:

Online support meetings are held via Zoom software, which is a video platform that allows all users to view and speak to one another simultaneously. Please plan on utilizing both audio and video for the duration of the meeting.

The direct link to the meeting, along with the password, are in the confirmation email you received after registering.

Please plan to arrive a few minutes before the session starts in order to ensure you are able to join the group and view/hear everyone. If you are having difficulty connecting, please visit for troubleshooting information.

Once you are in the meeting, you can toggle between speaker view (which shows the person talking) or gallery view (which shows all meeting participants). While this setting can be changed according to your preference, it is suggested to utilize gallery view so you can see everyone and create a virtual meeting room.

There is a button to mute/unmute your microphone. Please hit mute if any background noise comes up so you can minimize the distraction to the group.

The chat box is monitored by one of the session leaders. Please feel free to use this box to type questions or make note of a topic you’d like to discuss.

If you are unable to attend a session you have registered for, please cancel your registration via the link in your confirmation email or email us at as far in advance as possible. Many sessions have waitlists and we want to be able to include as many participants as possible.

Thank you for joining us!