Supporting Others After Loss

If you are here to find information on how to support a loved one after a pregnancy loss, we applaud you! We understand that it can be difficult to watch others go through loss. Often you feel helpless or unequipped to handle the situation. You may not know what to say. You want to help but just don’t know how. That’s ok – we’re here to help guide you through this challenging time.

Tips for supporting others after a pregnancy loss:

♦ Often times one of the best things you can do is just let the person(s) know you are thinking about them – a call, email, text, or card can go a long way

♦ Check back in a few weeks or months down the road – the initial support can wear off quickly

♦ Don’t feel awkward addressing the situation – if s/he doesn’t want to talk about it, they’ll let you know; it may be more uncomfortable for everyone if you act like nothing happened

♦ Realize that cliches such as “everything happens for a reason” or “it’s in God’s hands” may not be helpful and in reality, might sometimes be hurtful – remember that not everyone shares the same faith and beliefs

♦ If you want to bring/send a gift, food may be a good idea; you may want to consider gift cards to restaurants (particularly ones that have drive thru or take out)

♦ If you know the baby’s due date, it may be nice to remember it with a small gift or note to the parent(s); they, of course, will remember that date and it may be difficult

♦ Remember that the father has suffered a loss as well; while the focus is often on the mother because of the physical aspect, the couple is grieving together

♦ Send a Comfort Kit & share our resources!