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Appreciating Winry

We lost our grandson Liam when his sister Winry was almost two years old. While we don’t see her that often, now that summer is here, we will probably see her, my son, and my daughter-in-law more often, especially since we have a pool!

Winry is slowly coming into her own and I appreciate her uniqueness more every time I see her. She has an infectious laugh and delights in chasing our dog Kovu around the house when she visits. We never had a dog when my children were growing up, only cats, so watching Winry and Kovu interact is a delight.

Winry’s individuality and personality are beginning to shine. This was so evident when she was here a week or so ago for a swim. She got over the initial shock of landing face down in the pool and had a wonderful time bobbing up and down in the water and “swimming” with her parents. We had an impromptu cookout afterwards, and Winry ate like it was her last meal, ice cream and all!

I know I will miss sharing these and other experiences with Liam. I remember fondly going to my grandparents for a special meal or accompanying my grandfather to his office on a Saturday to “help.” I want to share many such experiences with Winry and cherish her being in my life. So often we take life for granted.

I sometimes need to remind myself what a gift life is. When I was born with a congenital heart disease, the nurse told my mother I would never live. Well, I just turned 62 this week.

While I wish I was given the gift of watching Liam grow and develop, I need to be thankful for Winry and those in my life and not take their presence for granted. I am thankful for the privilege of being able to raise my two adopted children into adulthood. I am thankful for my husband who has put up with me for over 30 years.

Yes, we mourn those we have lost. But we must remember to love, cherish, and appreciate those who are with us.

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I'm Deb and unfortunately experienced the loss of a grandson who was miscarried in January 2019. I have two adopted children; due to my congenital heart disease I was unable to bear children. I volunteer with several heart-health organizations and have written a book about my journey with congenital heart disease.

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