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Five Things This Spring

I know it’s just early March and lots of us are still in the winter weather season…..BUT I want us to think about the beauty of spring! It’s the season where all the dead trees come to life. It’s the beautiful time where we remember the exquisite resurrection of Jesus Christ. It’s a season of fresh flowers, fresh air and a fresh perspective.

Many of us barely made it through the holidays. Let’s face it, Christmas is a BEAUTIFUL season, but for many people it is a time of sadness and remembering what we don’t have and were so close to embracing – a child. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think we’re all just gloom and doom during the holidays……BUT I know the reality is that it’s a season where we feel the pang of grief at unexpected moments throughout the season.

BUT GOD….. Spring is here. He has risen. I’m SO excited for a fresh start into a beautiful new season.

Who is with me here?

I want to challenge each of us to come up with five different things we can do this spring season and really allow God to work in the new! My five things will be:

  1. Allowing myself one day a week where I either ride my bike or take a long walk with the pups to just get some fresh air, time alone with the Lord and enjoy the spring season.
  2. Visit my mama more. I really need to do this more often.
  3. Write more. I have so much on my heart to get out into the world and I don’t make time for it.
  4. Make more time for friendships; take more coffee talk breaks and enjoy sisterhood a bit more.
  5. Turn up the music loudly, open up the windows and clean and dance for an afternoon. I definitely need do this WAY MORE OFTEN!

So, let’s give SPRING a chance y’all! Let’s stop and smell the flowers and remember that this life isn’t meant for us to hold on to the grief forever. Let’s allow this to be a season of skipping through the garden knowing that God is good. I’m cheering you on and would LOVE to hear what your five things will be!



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Cryssie and her husband eloped to New York City on a cold winter day in February of 2015. They experienced their first pregnancy loss in January of 2016. Cryssie has since devoted her life to helping women heal from pregnancy loss and experiencing the true freedom and love from Jehovah.

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