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Our Baby Boy

On May 2nd at 6am we arrived at the hospital and by 6:35 our son had arrived. While he came very quickly once we got to the hospital, the last couple months of pregnancy seemed to drag on forever.

While staying at home and keeping up with our 3 year old was physically tough, the anxiety of getting closer to his birth was weighing on me emotionally. Giving birth during such an uncertain time in the world caused me more anxiety than last time, but in the end, it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Our hospital experience this time around was very different then last time. After our daughter was born, most of our immediate family was at the hospital within an hour of her being born, and no one came to the hospital to see our son. This time I stayed in the hospital alone, while last time my husband stayed with me almost the whole time (although part of this was due to our daughter being at home).

As much as I mourned the absence of my family being with us shortly after birth, it ended up turning out okay in the end. Our daughter rushed to the door as soon as we came home from the hospital and asked to see baby right away. She asked, “Where’s baby?” before I even got through the door. She has fallen in love with him and shows it everyday since he came home.

We spent a few weeks at home by ourselves before any of our family was able to meet and hold him. When they finally came over and met him it was wonderful, so much joy and happiness.

Having what most likely is our last child home with us has been both amazing and sad. Our journey to have children was a lot longer, and way harder then we expected it to be, and because of this we are probably ending our journey on expanding our family here. This is hard for me because I always imagined myself with a larger family of three or four children, but most likely the right decision going forward.

The pain of 7 losses over the last 7 years has definitely taken a toll on both my mental and physical health. I wish things would have been easier and starting a family didn’t take so long.

We are extremely lucky to have two beautiful children who are healthy and happy. Even though our journey here was tough, I wouldn’t change it for anything. Looking into my son’s eyes and watching my daughter dance around brings me so much joy.

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