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Please Don’t Say…

Please don’t say it happened for a reason….

For there is no reason for an innocent child to be taken away. While good can come of bad situations, good does not rely on pain.

Please don’t say I can have another…

Because not one, ten or a million will be the baby I lost. Each life is irreplaceable, so don’t try to replace mine.

Please don’t act like this pregnancy was a mistake…

You don’t know how long we waited to see those two pink lines. You don’t know how long we’ll wait, or if we’ll ever see those lines again. We prayed, we planned, we begged God for a miracle. No matter how short, that life was ours.

Please don’t say it, if you start with “at least”…

A loss is a loss, there is no “at least” or bright side. At least I wasn’t further along? At least I got to hold her? What you truly mean is, at least it wasn’t you.

Please don’t ask why I’m still crying…

A loss happens in a single moment, but grief takes a lifetime. A child made a hole they were meant to fill. And now that hole has left an empty space, not a lifetime of tears can fill.

Please don’t tell me how strong I am…

I did not plan or train for this strength. This strength is not something I’m proud of. It was forced on me or I would have drowned.

Please don’t tell me about when I’ll be a mother…

I was a mother already the moment I conceived. I was for every second of their tiny heartbeat. And I’ll be forevermore. I’m still a mother, though my child is gone. They’ll still be my baby, though worlds keep us apart.

But please, oh please, don’t say nothing at all…

I don’t need your advice, I don’t need help finding my way out. I just need arms to hold me, a shoulder to cry on, and to hear the sweet name of my angel. Don’t be afraid that you’ll remind me of my loss. I think of her every second of every day. What I truly fear, most of all, is that her name is never spoken again.

The most comforting of words, when a heart is breaking, are the words not said by the tongue, but spoken through the heart. A tear shed, a hand held, a look that passes a sonnet. These are the words I want to hear when I want to hear nothing at all.

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If you’ve come to this blog, it likely means you have suffered a pregnancy loss of some type. We are so sorry you have found yourself here, but hope the stories of life after loss can help you on your road to healing and recovery. Remember, we are all in this together!

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