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The Future

Our future is so uncertain. No matter how much you plan out life things don’t always go the way that you want it to.

As we look forward to our next baby joining us in May we are choosing to not make many plans for this coming year. We are definitely excited and are making some vague plans to spend time at the beach and camping, but no official plans yet.

We know that life with a new little one can go as planned or quite the opposite depending on how the baby adapts to life outside of the womb. Our daughter loved being in her car seat or the ergo carrier so it wasn’t too hard to accommodate a newborn into our plans. We will see how this new little one is.

As we move closer to our due date it has me remembering what my pregnancy with my daughter was like. I was very nervous all the way to the end. I truly believed that she may never come home with us, and even after she was home with us I still couldn’t believe she was there at times.

Those feelings are still there this time around. Some days they are worse than with my daughter but some days I am able to put the worry aside and enjoy this pregnancy.

When I was pregnant with our daughter I stopped working at 28 weeks due to the stress of my work at the time and commuting from one city to another. This pregnancy has been easier in that way and I plan to try and work until 34 weeks if I can. I am 29 weeks now, And even though we have a toddler at home I feel like I have a little more energy now than I did last time.

No one can predict how this baby will come into this world and when but one thing that is certain when this baby gets here we will start to make many plans for the future.

I will get to enjoy this baby’s first summer off of work, we will fill the days with many adventures and fun. We are looking forward to see how our daughter will interact with the new addition as well. Will she be jealous? Fall in love with our baby right away? Or not want the baby to stay here?

The future is so uncertain but it sure does look bright.

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